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A sprint, not a marathon

Last night it was confirmed that the NIFL Championship will now be held over a 22 game season with a provisional start date of Saturday 28th November.

With less games to play, Harry believes that the season is now more of a sprint than a marathon.

We must not get caught in the blocks with a slow start and all our players have dedicated themselves to their personal fitness programmes to ensure they are ready”.

With the present restrictions we are unable to train as a full squad and our footballs have been confiscated! However our Strength and Conditioning Coach Brian McCleery has worked hard to produce individual specific fitness programmes for the players to do on their own and we have worked hard with the smaller groups at training on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday”.

We must simply try to adapt to the situation presented to us day by day, just like people in our hospitals, businesses, schools and homes throughout the country. It is a real challenge for all of us at the club but as a manager I feel it really is a time for staying calm, being there for my boys and being as creative as I can be for them in order to keep a smile on a face!”.


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