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Supporters scheme

The successful supporters scheme has been continued for the 2020/21 season.The scheme was set up to meet the large costs of hosting a team in the Irish League, the only such team within County Fermanagh. Your contribution will go exclusively to enabling players to play their football at a higher level. The donation fee has been set at £20 per month, which will include free family club membership, worth £40. However if you wish to make a smaller, larger or one off donation this can also be arranged. The club would like to thank the following people who have contributed so far,


Jeff Aiken

Basil Wallace

Gary Reid

Noel Fallis

Jackie Palmer

Mark Elliott

Maurice Hetherington

Garry Armstrong

Jonathan Hance

Tom Elliott

Jack Tisdall

Derrick Thompson

Fred Cleary

Walter Cadden

Glenn Cadden

Raymond Warrington

Norman Shaw

David (Dollar) Thompson

David Clarke

Drew Fallis

Richard McBride

Roy Kempton

Sammy Shaw

Keith Thompson

Gordon Lee

Noel Dykes

Wendy Shannon

Mervyn Smyth

Kenny Hutchinson

Aaron Hassard

Jean Elliott

Sandra Seaney

Victor Beatty

Linda Smallwoods

Reggie Mills

Steve Allen

Bob Woolly

Earl Aiken

Glen Latimer

If you would like to contribute you can still do so by contacting Basil Wallace (07596585552) or Johnny Hance (07871615546).

We appreciate your support!!

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