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Guidelines for use of Fisher 3G

Protocols for use of Ballinamallard Fisher Park 3G facility during coronavirus pandemic. (From 17th July 2020)

Pre-Training and Match Playing

Participants to enter Fisher Park via lower gates. One-way system to be observed.

Facility fabric e.g. Gates, locks, corner flags, portable goals, and all other equipment to be sanitised by staff.

No car sharing on travel to facility.

Participants to arrive in training/match gear with personal water marked with your name. Water bottle to be disposed of by user

No shared use of water and no other personal belongings.

No use of dressing rooms. Toilet facility available but must be sanitised by user or event organiser.

Social distance adhered to. No congregation in one area.

Participants to sanitise hands on arrival. No handshakes or high fives.

Anybody displaying/showing symptoms of Covid-19 or their family must not be permitted to take part in training/match session.

During match/training

No spectators. Max number for each team squad, coaches, medical, officials in attendance is 31.

Training in separate groups of 10. This includes participants and staff. No mixing of groups.

No spitting at any time or clearing nostrils other than with personal tissue.

Self-treat injury in the 1st instance.

Post training/match

No showers to be taken. Training/playing kit retained by participant for cleaning.

Participants to sanitise hands on departure.

Participants to leave immediately after session. No congregating.

Social distancing guidelines to be adhered to when leaving.

Cleaning of training facility fabric and equipment to be completed after session by staff members.

We are looking forward to welcoming you back!

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