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8 weeks of coach education

8 weeks of Coach Education completed

Last night rounded off our Academy Coach Zoom Education programme which ran for a total of 8 weeks during lockdown, engaging Coaches to present and discuss various topics.

Week 1 was presented by Derek Sharpe, Head of Youth / IFA Coach Mentor with the topic “Counter Pressing "

Week 2 was presented by Matthew McConkey, U20s coach with the topic “Playing out from the back"

Week 3 was presented by Chris McDowell, South West College Sports Science Lecturer with the topic “A head for talent - The Fixed and Growth Mindset"

Week 4 was presented by Joe Corcoran, Enniskillen Town Head Coach on the topic “Attacking in a 3 5 2 with the focus on the centre Midfield 3”

Week 5 was presented by Gary Devenney (Coleraine FC) and James Greene (Institute FC) with the topic “It’s all in my Head - Always asking The Why”

Week 6 was presented by Steve Feeney, First Team Coach, with the topic "Importance of building Intensity in our training and how we can achieve it"

Week 7 was presented by David Alonso, U18s coach, with the topic “The rules and benefits of Futsal to help develop our players at BUFC”

Week 8 was presented by Harry Mc Conkey, First Team Manager, with the topic “Match Day Preparation / Managers Review of the 7 presentations and facilitation of coaches discussion in the Boot Room”

“This education project was the brainchild of Derek Sharpe and I as First Team Manager feel it was a very valuable and worthwhile project in what has been a difficult time away from the training ground” commented McConkey.

“Our Coaches were encouraged to join in every Monday for their own personal and social development in addition to learning from a diverse collection of presenters”.

"The response was really pleasing and I enjoyed every minute of the 7 presentations - they were all excellent and held real substance” praised Harry.

“In Zoom it can be a little restrictive in terms of eye contact and the old Boot Room banter, but still it was great to see the faces of our coaches at all levels contribute and actively participate throughout the current crisis.

I wish to express my gratitude and sincere thanks to all the presenters and those who ‘Zoomed in’ every Monday seeking to be further educated in their coaching.

Derek should be delighted at the success of this project and "take a bow".

Thanks again to everyone who participated and presented. We now look forward to a return to the training field in the coming weeks.

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