Shirt sponsorship

The shirt sponsorship scheme is a great way to bag yourself a first team jersey at the end of the season, as well as supporting your local club!


Below are the jerseys available, priced £100 for both, or £60 for a single jersey. For further information contact Noel Fallis on 07730879475. Thank you to all who have bought jerseys this season.

1 John Connolly
HOME: Ben Thompson /
AWAY: Ben Thompson
2 Sean McEvoy
Home: McEvoy Supervalu Virginia /
Away: Basil Wallace
3 Ben McCann
HOME: May Sweeney /
AWAY: May Sweeney
4 Ross Taheny
HOME: David Hughes /
AWAY: David Hughes
5 Matthew Smyth
HOME: Mervyn Smyth /
AWAY: Mervyn Smyth
6 Richard Clarke
HOME: Keith & Diane Hurst /
AWAY: Keith & Diane Hurst
7 Aaron Arkinson
HOME: Ryan Burke /
AWAY: David Lowry
8 Duwayne McManus
HOME: Gareth Johnston /
AWAY: Norman Shaw
9 Ryan Campbell
HOME: Barney Mills /
AWAY: Barney Mills
10 Joshua McIlwaine
HOME: Billy Emerson /
AWAY: Neil Emerson
11 Jason McCartney
HOME: Helen Hurst & Wendy Shannon /
AWAY: Helen Hurst & Wendy Shannon
12 Chris Kelly
HOME: Jean Elliott /
AWAY: Jean Elliott
14 Michael Glynn
HOME: Aaron Hassard /
AWAY: Aaron Hassard
15 Simon Warrington
HOME: Wesley Warrington /
AWAY: Wesley Warrington
16 John Edgar
HOME: Maurice Higginbotham /
AWAY: Friday Night Football
17 Nathan Cashel
HOME: McCleery boys /
AWAY: Colin Carrothers
18 Dean Corrigan
HOME: Trevor Corrigan /
AWAY: Trevor Corrigan
19 Ryan O'Reilly
HOME: Gareth Clendinning /
AWAY: Gareth Clendinning
21 Darragh McBrien
HOME: Noel Fallis /
AWAY: Noel Fallis
22 Lee Frazer
HOME: Available /
AWAY: Available
23 Sam Robb
HOME: Colin & Joyce Robinson /
AWAY: Colin & Joyce Robinson
25 John Currie
HOME & AWAY: Emma Richard Charlie Robinson-Briggs
27 Alex Holder
HOME: Maurice Hetherington /
AWAY: Maurice Hetherington
29 Darragh Byrne
HOME: Available /
AWAY: Available
31 Ryan Morris
HOME: Andy Seaney /
AWAY: Andy Seaney
Callum Moorehead
HOME: Ivan Fisher /
AWAY: Ivan Fisher
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14 Michael Glynn

HOME: Aaron Hassard / AWAY: Aaron Hassard